About The Practitioner

About the Practitioner:

Becky McGill has spent her entire life around horses. From the time she was barely old enough to be held on the saddle she has had an insatiable love of horses. It began as trail rides, barrel racing, and pole bending as a youngster, and continued from there to her first time starting a colt under saddle in high school. It was a natural progression that then led her to collegiate competition in both Western and Hunt Seat on the Truman State University Equestrian Team in Missouri while she was earning her Bachelor of Science degree. Later, she became the preferred trainer for her mom’s Foxtrotter breeding stable.

She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Parker with a DC degree, and then spent weekends the next year achieving a diploma in Acupuncture. After practicing with her father (a practicing Chiropractor for nearly 30 years) for almost 2 years in his Chiropractic clinic in Missouri, she returned to the DFW area and opened her own chiropractic clinic in Carrollton called Abundant Health Chiropractic. Adding an equine division to her current practice of chiropractic was only natural, as she’s long been aware of the importance of proper spinal and nervous system health for both humans AND animals.

Mrs. McGill is so committed to providing the most cutting-edge and current knowledge and techniques that she attended and completed the AVCA-certification course offered at Parker College of Chiropractic, an intensive post-graduate training course that looks beyond the simple mechanics of adjusting animals and into the depths of animal physiology, anatomy, pathology and gait training. This course and subsequent board examination is what qualified her to become an AVCA-certified animal chiropractor, making her one of only 1500 AVCA-certified doctors in the country.

Mrs. McGill is committed to advancing public knowledge of animal spine adjustment and it’s importance to overall animal health and well-being. She is available to lecture at equine events and is happy to present an equine health clinic at your own equine facility, or to contribute to a prearranged equine learning clinic. In her spare time she continues to enjoy riding and training horses (using gentle methods), in both Western and English disciplines.

She currently owns two horses: a 3 year old Thoroughbred filly named Ain’t She a Dandy and an 11 year old registered Missouri Foxtrotting Stallion named Panhandler’s Wheeler Dealer, who has sired many of the quality foals raised, trained and sold from her mom’s breeding establishment in Missouri.